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Preparing for LTL Shipping

LTL shipments may be handled several times during transit from pickup location to final drop off destination. That is why it is so important to know how to prepare your items for shipment.

Your items should be packaged to protect them from scuffing, vibration, crushing, dropping, humidity, and/or condensation.

It is normally good practice to load freight onto pallets or package freight into crates. Sturdy shipping containers such as corrugated fiberboard boxes are normally acceptable as well, but pallets are preferred.

Proper packaging freight serves several purposes:

  • It helps protect the freight from handling and transit damage.
  • It helps protect freight from being damaged by shipper’s freight.
  • It helps reduce package pilferage
  • It helps to avoid loss situations; situations in which some of customer’s freight is separated from the rest and lost in transit.

Other concentrations:

  • Type of shipment: pallet, drum, crate, skid, bags, rolls, reels, bales or other.
  • Size: height width depth.
  • Weight, each piece and total.
  • Insurance value coverage, if any.
  • Lift-gate Service requirements, if any
  • Find the correct National Motor Freight Classification code.
  • Arrival Notice,if nay
  • Hazardous Materials Notice, if any
  • Residential Delivery Notice.

A Nation Transportation makes it a good practice to put the tracking number on every piece of freight. We will affix labels with destination state and zip codes as well. We want to offer reliable services and it is the reason why we want to make it easier to identify an individual shipment.

We maintain privacy and offer safety, so we do not label the value or type of contents. Proper labels, bar codes, and RFID are important for proper routing and delivery.